Lolowai, Ambae

Sunday 28 June (anchored at Lolowai)

We seemed to be having difficulty getting HF transmission from Lolowai … received text message from Tony, via mobile phone…

“Dear Rob

 Ann has not been able to get the HF transmission to work from our current anchorage at Lolowai so I am answering by text.

We dropped the medical team in Waluriki before coming here and pick them up again tomorrow to bring them here.”

Pictures of Lolawai, the subject of  yesterdays post – ‘where superlatives run out’ …

no images were found

no images were found

Hopefully, normal communication will be resumed tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Lolowai, Ambae”

  1. fingers crossed for you all out there in your superlative remoteness. once upon a time – say 100 years ago or less – our communication expectations were non-existent. now look how we can worry that you are incommunicado for a day!

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Yes, expectations about communications are crazily high these days. I
    remember someone forced a mobile phone onto me the first time I went across
    to W.A. As soon as I left the S.A. border there was no coverage, so it went
    in boot for the rest of the trip. there is something lovely about the
    remoteness of being entirely out of touch – until something goes wrong, of
    course. Then we want it, high quality and now!

    Back to the relative “civilization” of Santo tomorrow. Sad farewell to these
    exquisite islands.

    xo Ann

  3. I am very impressed with the pictures here of North East Aoba (Ambae). Many years ago (1963 to 1969) I worked here as an engineer.
    I would appreciate making contact with someone who has been there recently.

  4. Hi Garry,

    The Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness Project worked along the north coast of Ambae throughout the second half of June. The Ships Log has many wonderful entries from Ann, who was a crew member aboard the MSM yacht Chimere which did the transportation.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to make contact again. It’s a wonderful place. I imagine there have been a few changes since 1969 – maybe time for a return visit Garry. I’m sure there are people there who would remember you



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