Little Surprises

20 August 2017
Homo Bay, Pentecost Island

Hello friends of Chimere,
Since last night’s tome, Chimere has island hopped about 12 nm to the southern end of Pentecost Island and is now anchored in the most oddly named Homo Bay. At the northern end of the bay sits Captain Cook Rock, so maybe as the world’s most famous navigator sailed through these pristine waters, he had reason to name more areas than he was generally given credit for.

After a relatively leisurely start, we sailed at 09.00, waving good-bye to black volcanic sands of Ambrym as we washed them off our upper deck. Deb remained ensconced in her bunk for much of the day, having taken ill the previous night with some sort of gastric bug. After tending to her during the night, we remained concerned for her wellbeing and prayed that she would feel better soon and that whatever she had would pass quickly and not spread through the remainder of the crew.

After motor-sailing the three hours it took to find the anchorage off the village of Pangi we were relieved to find the sandy beaches were more traditionally coloured, which caused us to wonder how two islands so close could be so different.

After Grant ferried Bob and Dick and critical stores ashore to arrange for tomorrow’s clinic the remaining crew set to work conducting important maintenance. Jon began dismantling key components of the electrical system after determining that the batteries were not charging correctly. In the mean-time I set to work, attempting a fix to the forward sump pump which seems to have a mind of its own, starting and stopping with no rhyme or reason. The pump sounds like a couple of kids in jet skis revving their motors right inside the boat and we figured there had to be a better way. Proving that two minds are better than one, Mark came up with an ingenious solution once I articulated the problem and so as this blog is written we are waiting and listening to see if the fix was successful. Jon eventually fixed the electrics although he decided parts would need to come in with the next crew to achieve a permanent fix.

Grant cooked a delicious meal of Chilli and after Deb ate a few mouthfuls of boiled rice, she again retired to her bunk. After a hard day’s toil, we were rocked to sleep a southerly set that made Chimere pitch most uncomfortably on her anchor as we dreamed of better conditions in the morning.

Fair winds and smooth seas – we hope,
Ray Rees

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