Life’s difficult in Noumea.

Tuesday, 11 pm Moselle bay, Noumea

I start this entry under the full knowledge that I’m in trouble. Many apologies for the lack of communication for the past few days. Noumea has been such hard work, really! well, on the part of the electrician and the mechanic perhaps, although we have been re-organising and drying out the boat in readiness, and perhaps a bit of exploring the restaurants and shops of downtown Noumea.

For my part I have found it truly amazing to have gone on a sailing trip and ended up in a different country. Andy also agreed, while were sitting and having one of many more  beers to come, that the difficult trip across had been worth it.

It’s late here right now. Much snoring to be heard throughout the boat, so entries over the next few days will fill in some details.

At this stage all seems to be in order for us to leave early tomorrow morning. This will allow us to negotiate the reefs around the Island and take a short cut, saving around 100 miles of our trip to Tanna Island. Although it is only 2 days away, it still feels like a long way.

So we say goodbye to a very beautiful island.

Bill Vrijens

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