Life Could Be a Dream Sweetheart

Saturday 1st May, 7.10 pm,

Lenakel Bay, Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

It’s always good to fix something that, if left unfixed, would make life very difficult. As such, attacking the problem of the not working anchor winch proved to be a partially satisfying start to the day. Bob and myself undid electrical boxes, measured volts, scratched our heads, made sparks fly, and, somehow, it started working. The motor suddenly fired into action sending a spray of white salty particles over Bob’s face while he had crawled into the tiny recess at the front. Partially satisfying because, like many of the repairs of late, things just start working again. So it goes.

This was followed by a swim. This is a great swimming hole. A few locals are out here every morning, laughing and yelling in the water, and they’ve been here for years. So, some more scratching of heads, another swim, and then off into town to deliver Martin to a taxi, and to have lunch. Foolish Australians! The restaurant is closed on Saturdays. The things we take for granted.

So, some purchases at the local store, which was open, and return to the boat, for some lunch. Andy had just made another bread, which Bob had placed in the oven while we were away. Some of it made it through lunch. Then the matter of unpacking some of the supplies for the various missions. Hmm! But first another swim.

The packing started but deferred till tomorrow when Bob announced “Beer o’Clock” at 5. What can you say?

At this stage we look forward to the arrival of the next crew members and medical teams, and the trip south east to Anatom (the local spelling) or Aneityum, our next destination. The weather looks like this trip will be a challenge, but if the winds prevail, will make an easier trip to Futuna, and a great run back to Tanna.

Its a bit dark out there now, otherwise I’d go for another swim.

Bill Vrijens

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