It’s been an important two weeks between the missions.
We are now ready to leave with the new medical team and sailors about to arrive by plane from Australia. Once everyone arrives it will be a little difficult to write up tonight’s ships log. So I’m making the most of my time sitting here at the Santo airport.


Cathy is back on the boat preparing some snacks for everyone’s arrival. The boat looks pretty clean and everything is lashed down ready for up anchoring. Once clear of the Santo channel we will set a course north-east to Mere Lava. It’s about 85 miles so we hope to get there sometime tomorrow morning.

The plan is for most people to eventually fall asleep in their bunks and enjoy a nice smooth sail all the way.
The local Rotary club has placed a  lot of donated equipment on board including tennis balls, tennis rackets, books, pencils –  all sorts of things.

In addition the Northern Health Department has asked us to deliver 14 boxes of toothpaste to the first island we visit, Mere Lava.
There’s also two large drums of paint from another sailor, plus wire brushes and paintbrushes and a 12 V battery for a solar panel all in the same village up north. Yesterday we decided to buy some flour for a particular island up north. We’ve heard that the two chiefs on the island are very competitive with their cooking. So Cathy found room for a 25 kg bag and four packets of baking soda.
The plane will be  here very shortly but I should say that the World Vision talk this morning went well.  I think you know by now what the topic was.

After the talk we went outside, dug up some soil and actually made a brick which I think everybody enjoyed.


You may wonder why tonight’s ships log is a bit brief.  I’m actually typing and talking into my iPhone.  The funny looks I’m getting from people around me makes me feel a bit like I’m in a Star Trek movie about to be beamed up.

The plane is almost here so I will try and send a photo when they get in showing everyone has arrived safely

Smooth sees fair breeze and we’re finally leaving Santo