We have just returned from a very successful 8 day “Test Sail” with a “survivor” shot attached FYI, featuring  (l-r) me, Mark Stephenson, Matt Bryant, Edith & Bruce West and Skipper Ian (Johnno) Johnson
Our journey took us from Westernport to Refuge Cove, then an overnight stop at Hogan Island, before spending a couple of nights at the ever-popular Deal Island. 
The boat maintenance-list is now a bit longer, but as they say, better to find out now than out at sea. 
The much anticipated Volunteer Application & Guide can be downloaded and a very big thank you to everyone who has already indicated a desire to come aboard!
I’ll be sending out more specific communications shortly to those who have made a firm commitment.  But in the meantime, could I encourage everyone who is interested in joining this years mission (even those who have already indicated interest) to complete and return p 4-16 of the attached application (ASAP)
You might also consider passing this message onto others you know who might be interested.
And of course get back to me if you have any further questions.  A copy of the overall Mission Plan 2017 can also be downloaded.
All the best
Rob Latimer & Mike Clarke