The Crew – Jenny Thomson


I am currently living in Melbourne after 9 years away living in Sydney, Amsterdam and Manchester.  I have travelled extensively for work and pleasure, which has helped me grow as an individual and gain a better appreciation for the world and variety of people who live in it. I have lived in the USA, The Netherlands and UK as well as Sydney, but Melbourne is homebase.  Living and working abroad has enabled me to develop some great friends all over the world, which I love going to visit when possible. My favourite country is Slovenia and favourite city is Tallinn, Estonia.


The project (Medical Sailing Ministries) caught my interest as I have been looking at signing up for some volunteer work.  This project allowed me to satisfy this wish, and incorporate it with my love of sailing.

My interests and hobbies include: Travelling, Sailing (of course), Golf, snow skiing and horse riding. I also enjoy cooking, reading and studying and am currently completely a Grad Dip in Applied Finance.


I love sailing, and started with sailing on my dad’s Couta boat, then progressed to racing on bigger boats, but still have a very fond spot for classic wooden boats.  I have raced for the past 15 years in Sydney and Melbourne.  Have completed 8 Melb to Launceston (Davenport) ocean races, a couple of Hasting races as well as Apollo Bay.  One of my highlights was being able to race in Antigua Race week.  Hamilton Is and Syd/Hobart are a few races that are on my ‘to do” list.  I also enjoy the cruising aspect of sailing, and have spend a fair bit of time cruising around Bass Strait (generally coming home from a race), as well as delivering boats along the east coast of Australia.

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