Vanuatu 2009


The 2009 Vanuatu mission is divided into three stages as shown on the map below:



Medical Tours - Vanuatu 2009
Medical Tours - Vanuatu 2009





Vanuatu – Over 80 islands, spread 800km south to north.


Delivery Trip

Final Preparations in the week prior, delivery voyage, Sydney to Tanna Island (Vanuatu)


Vanuatu Trip 1

Medical Tour 1, Tanna, Erromango, Efate islands.  The first medical team arrive at Tanna on 15/05/09 and work briefly at the Lenakel Clinic  before being taken to coastal villages in the region.  The team will then be taken north to Erromango Is and after this to Vila on Efate by 28/5/09, in time to catch their flights home on 31/05/09.


Vanuatu Trip 2

Take mooring at Vila (Yachting World) and restock with fuel, water, gas and food.  Around 08/06/09 leave Vila and island hop north to Norsop on the NE corner of Malakeula Is in Central Vanuatu. (Bob Brenac replaces Robert Latimer as skipper, while Robert returns to melbourne for a month)  In Norsop we will pick up medical team 2 (and additional crew member Martin Purcell) who will fly in on 18/06/2009. The plan will be for some of the medical team to remain ashore, while others will be taken to the nearby island of Ambae.  There may also be a surgical team working at Luganville on nearby Espiritu Santo Is and so there may be a need to evacuate some patients.  The medical team will be returned to Norsop, from where they will fly home around 04/07/09.


Vanuatu Trip 3

Sail the short distance north to Luganville on Espiritu Santo (Santo)  and restock with water, fuel and gas.  Stage one will involve transporting a Ni-Van medical team, supported by an Australian doctor, (Graeme Duke)  to the island of
Mera Lava in the Banks Group, then onto Gaua, where we will meet the Third Medical team which will fly in on 16/7/09.  Medical teams will be taken to coastal villages and the island of Mota and then Sola on Vanua Lava Is.  A medical team will then be taken further north to conduct clinics on islands further north in the Banks group and then onto the even more remote Torres group.  The Australian medical team will fly out from the region with the Ni-Van medical team being returned to Luganville on Santo. 


Vanuatu Trip 4

Relocate back to Pt Vila.  At the conclusion of the third medical tour we intend to sail directly back to Pt Vila. We again plan to take a mooring in Vila at Yachting World.  This period will be a relaxing time in Pt Vila, as we prepare for the return voyage to NSW. 


Return Trip

Aim to depart between 18/8 and 20/8, arrive back in Pittwater around 2/9/09


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