Mud brick stoves from Melbourne to Vanuatu to Kenya

Lyn McDonald, of the Cherish Project, tells of bringing mud-brick stoves to Kenya.

As well as building the Stove at Cherish (the Project we supported), we introduced the stove to Pastor William who also cares for 200 children.

Pastor William from Cherish Project, Kenya

He the guy in the turquoise shirt helping to build the stove at Cherish, the guy in the foreground (light shirt) is Moses Kombo the (active) chairman on Cherish.

Moses-Kombo-with-brick-molds in Kenya

This is Moses, same day taking the brick moulds back to his Project (less than a km away). He was back 3 days later to return the mould, having made his bricks.

This morning I get this email from the Pastor:
“We sincerely greet you, and all the staffs and children shall witness what you have really done to our project. Pictures will show you how serious we welcomed the making of a new stove in our school. It is working and it is one of the best and I want to introduce it to other schools in our community.”

WOW. Isn’t that just GREAT, Rob!


This is fantastic. A “local” “advertising” this stove! SOLD!

Thanks so much for sharing the “plans” with us.

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