Monday 11 May, 5.52 pm (145 miles to Tanna)

After 9 days at sea we finally sighted land mid afternoon. It was the southern tip of Mare Island, part of the Loyalty Group, which in turn is part of New Caledonia.

Mare Island is now about 6 miles ahead and we will shortly lay a new course directly to Tanna Island which will involve steering a bit to the right, moving the boom from right to left (a jibe) and the wind then blowing over our right stern quarter, instead of the left stern quarter.

Tanna is now about 145 miles away and as mentioned earlier, we plan to arrive with the daylight on Wednesday morning rather than tomorrow night in the dark. Hence we are happy to be lolling along at 4-5 knots, as we are at the moment.

Dinner is on the go, and this time it’s Will preparing a fish-dish, (or should that read sea kitten) which is in fact a West Indian Red Bean & Coconut Rice ensemble, adapted for fish.

Bob’s staying out of the way and getting into his second novel  found in the onboard library, while also making sure we alter course before we hear the dogs barking onshore . His first novel, knocked over in 3 days, was a lively affair which revolved around CIA and KGB Cold War conflict and intrigue. Fortunately we won – just in time!! (Potential nuclear conflicts are like that)

After rifling through the shelf, Bob got stuck into his second novel with great anticipation, only to discover that it started at page 160!. What happened to the earlier pages is anyone’s guess. But not to be deterred, Bob is now up to page 173 and going strong. “These sort of novels are like that, they start pretty slow, I probably didn’t miss much”.

Just had the call for dinner. Meanwhile Bob and Martin are up top altering course. It’s all happening. “Nothing worse than over cooked fish …” one of Will’s

Well done Graeme on the completion of the walk4icare

Smooth sea, fair breeze and last tack to Tanna