It doesn’t get much better than this…

Sunday morning 12:30am, 9 May 201020 07 S, 169 42 E

All aboard between 9:00 & 9:30pm.  Anchor stowed at 10:00pm and after rounding the NW corner of Aneityium island about half an hour ago we are now well on our way to Futuna Island, gliding through the darkness at 7+ knots over flat seas with the wind coming in over the starboard stern quarter.

After the initial excitement of being aboard again – this time in more enjoyable conditions, our valuable medical passengers have all found a cosy place to sleep, some on bunks, some in the saloon and some up on deck.  It’s simply a glorious night and worthy payment for the horrible sail down here from Tanna on Tuesday.

At this rate we should arrive at Futuna at dawn in time for breakfast.  The anchorage and landing at Futuna are rather poor, so it’ll be a contrast to Aneityium which was glorious, but nothing we haven’t experienced in the northern islands last year.

Bob asked me to mention the loaf of bread he baked this afternoon.  He followed my wife Linda’s laminated instructions perfectly, however, he was otherwise detained fixing a bilge pump when the time came to retrieve the said loaf from the oven.  Next time it’ll be perfect, unfortunately this time it was a bit (quite a bit really) burnt. Don’t be discouraged – as they say, a good cook burns his first batch of scones

Well, I’d better get some sleep. I’ll be on watch in a couple of hours.  Onboard everyone seems to be asleep – except Bill and Scott who are on watch – and the only sound are the creaks and groans of the rig and gear, plus the steady flow of the passing sea and the wind in the rigging.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and this really is it!

Robert Latimer

2 thoughts on “It doesn’t get much better than this…”

  1. Hi dad, We had a lovely day here yesterday for Mother’s Day, we missed you and are very glad to hear the weather has picked up for you and the sailing conditions are more pleasant. Can you send me a text from your phone so I have the number? Thanks!

  2. Hello Claudine, Mum and everyone at home. Thank you for the best wishes, things are going well out here, no phone coverage unfortunately. will call in a few days when we arrive in Tanna.

    lots love


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