I would – SAIL – 500 miles

Wed 31 May 2017
500 miles NE of Sydney
Lat -29 36, Lon 160 51
One third the way there with 4 days gone, conditions aboard have settled to the point that the lads talking about baking bread for the first time!
No talk of fishing yet.
Cam’s morning message is as follow: 

Hi everyone,

Another light wind day today. Motor sailing on track at 6 knots. Predict Wind advises a 10 knot north westerly by this evening and then strong south westerlies until Friday evening. We are all looking forward to giving Perkins a well deserved rest.

This morning we noticed an external electrical wire had come loose from the mast head so we winched Josh up to the top with cable ties and tape. All ship shape again. He is now back on his feet at what he says 80% sea legs!

Bruce is making bread, Martin and Rob are sleeping, Josh is on watch.

The captains crew development plan (AKA little jobs for everyone) is on track. Life is good.



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