I think we need a bigger trolley…

With one sleep to go it suddenly occurred to me, FOOD !!! … that’s right, we’ll need some food aboard !!  Can’t just tell all the volunteers to eat before they leave home?!
Rest assured, our planning had extended to the purchase of food, and lots of it, it’s just that with the boat resembling something of a construction site for the past few months we had nowhere to store it.
So it was that yesterday afternoon, armed only with a supermarket trolley (that looked like it needed drug testing) and one serious credit card limit, Linda combed the aisles of Campbell’s Cash and Carry in Clayton for everything on her list.  (No ice-cream, sorry volunteers)   And maybe you can help me, (a topic of discussion that held the trolley up for some time in aisle 12) … how much toilet paper should we load aboard for 4 months, really?  Apparently having women aboard makes a difference?  I must check what Captain Cook had to say on the topic.
Smooth seas, fair winds and just one more sleep to go.
Rob Latimer

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