How to build a toilet – Step By Step Guide…

The container is now in Port Vila and will soon be transported to the village of Paunangisu


The work party arrives on Sun 18 October and will head up to the village the next day for an official Welcome & Sod-turning Ceremony.

The local village volunteers and PVP committee have everything ready for a smooth and efficient (yet frantic) “Grand Design Build”

It’s all getting very exciting !!

The latest 2015 Toilet step by step building-guide Step-By-Step instruction manual for the building of the toilet is attached for your information and study …  the practical “exam” commences 19 Oct and will extend for around 1 month !!

Mostly thanks to the meticulous preparation by George & Joy Harvey we are pushing for an A+++ mark in this group-assessment assignment

“Best public toilet in ALL South Pacific”

Thank you to everyone who has assisted in getting this project from dream to … very close to … reality.


Rob L

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