Here we go – off to Vanuatu

Sat 27 May 2017  (10:00 pm)

40 nautical miles (NM) north east of off Sydney

Here we go with the first blog [now on website, with pics]….

Chimere departed the Rushcutters Bay at 1:05PM, Bob Brenac cast us off and waved a cheery goodbye. First we went under the harbour bridge to Goat Island to refuel then spent about an hour doing figure eights and circles under the guidance of Bob Clow on the phone to reset the electronic compass, then finally at 3:41PM cleared Sydney Heads. Certainly a relief for us all after a solid week preparing the boat.

Outside we set course for Waypoint 1 just over 233NMaway  bearing 073M. We motor sailed under a perfectly clear blue sky with a slight swell with jib and mainsail for 2 hours then when a 15KT north easterly picked up we gave Perkins a rest and soon were making comfortable 7 to 7.5KTS.

Captain Cam cooked a  hearty savoury mince with toast  which 3 of us really enjoyed but sadly the other 2 we feeling a bit queasy.

As I write we are 40NM offshore from Sydney and have a cargo ship bound for Melbourne crossing our bows. Thats not a concern but the lightening I can see up ahead is! So I will finish up and get ready for action. Before I go I would like to thank several people who helped us get Chimere ready. Ronni the Rigger, Craig the marine sparky, Angus who installed a new GPS just before we cast off, Bob Brenac for his wisdom, fun and driving, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia who hosted us, Club Marine and Vicsail Sydney.

Until next time.




Cameron (Cam) Heathwood (Skipper)

Rob Lott

Martin Burgess

Josh Shakespeare

Bruce Green

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