Have we got some stories

Friday 21st July 2017
Havanna Harbour

Nah sorry can’t tell you, all I can say is we heard these dulcet tones singing Lilly Marlene coming through the companion way a little after eleven last night. Mark says he and Rob had a most enjoyable time celebrating the birthday of one of the Germans the Mission 1 team had rescued. I understand quite an emotional connection has been made through the traumatic event.

Rob was dropped at the dinghy dock at 4.15 this morning and Mark saw that he was able to catch a bus to the airport.

We collected Charlotte from shore at 8am then lifted the anchor and headed off for Havannah Harbour. We raised the sails and made our way in the gentle breeze. Hooked up to the mooring in front of Gideons Landing a very nice way to start our mission.

The crew including Charlotte enjoyed a swim, a siesta and a walk to the small marina before finalising things ready for the medical people to hit.

The medical team arrived around 5.30 and several loads of bags were transferred to Chimere. Then we all had a very nice meal at Gideons with a briefing from Richard on what we are to expect over the next couple of weeks. A nice way to start.

We have 13 sleeping aboard tonight. We’ve sorted bunks for all with the crew on deck. The anchorage is being kind to us so we pray all have a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we sail to Emae Island about 40 nautical miles to the north east.

Fair winds, smooth sees and have we got some stories.

Phil Wicks

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