That’s right, just a few sleeps and half the (calendar) year is behind us, as we celebrate the start of a new financial year – just 6 months till Christmas!

So, with just 5 days to go to the end of the Tax Year … how would you like a tax deduction? You can see where this is going can’t you …?

As Medical Sailing Ministries focuses on expanding the Gudfala Tut Skul Projek (Healthy Tooth School Project) in partnership with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and the local organisation PCV Health, the number of schools we can get on board with supervised tooth brushing is directly linked to the funds available.

In fact, for the cost of one-and-a-half cappuccinos we can cover the cost of one child for a whole year.

For the cost of 1.5 coffees, oral health care can be provided for one child for one year

So if you are able to make a donation, any amount, rest assured that with no paid staff and the most minimal of operating costs, virtually all of your money is applied to the work on the ground – in the Vanuatu classroom!

We invite you to check out the following “Donation” link, which also provides a bit more information on the supervised tooth brushing program …

2019 MSM Donation Details

There’s also a “Before” and “After” photo attached, of a real live case during last year’s 20-week school brushing trial. As you can see, the difference after just one week was amazing!

Plaque appears pink

Thank you again your interest, encouragement and support !!