Half way … Yeh !!

Thursday 1 June 2017

Lat: -26.5227, Lon: 163 15.51

(775 miles down, 700 miles to go)

Cam-and-Co are still plugging away across the Tasman and have made it half way to Vanuatu with around 5-6 days to go.

Fortunately the wind has mostly been from the side and behind, which makes for a 

more comfortable passage.

The “Predict Wind” tracker is now operational on the MSM website, which not only shows the ship’s location but also her speed and heading; why not check it out below.

Emails have been a bit tricky aboard today, so here are a few Sat-phone texts from Chimere to give you idea of life aboard .,..


Hi Rob The SW wind arrived this morning a bit stronger than forecast.  Making 7 Kts wing and wing a little to the north of course.  Auto pilot doing well.  All ok on board prop brake jury rigged.  Blog written but can’t connect for email and weather.



Thanks Rob. That is much better than Predict Wind which has same direction but much lighter. All good here. Running close to square with main only making 6-7 kts at the moment.  Josh still unwell.




Had a short internet connection.  Picked up the PW forecast sent email.  Did it come. Had Spot on for 30 minutes. At the moment we have the full main set only.  There are squalls coming through so we have rolled up the jib. Still doing a comfy 6 kts. If the wind drops off will set and pole out the jib.  Looks like it is clearing astern. The crew are doing well but a bit tired so will sail for comfort tonight.  Both the port snd starboard nav lights have failed.  Is there a fuse we can check. The stern light and the motoring light are working. I will try the em

Smooth seas, fair breeze and half way there

Rob for Cam and the crew

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