Grey on grey – Sunset over Batemans Bay

MSM Postcard, Thurs 18 May 2017

lat  -35.75 lon 150.27

Finally some wind that’s off the bow enough to set a headsail!!

Are we there yet!!??

Making 6 to 6.5 kts over flat seas, Sydney is only 125 miles away, with Cape Perpendicular the next big obstacle to sneak around. (The Perkins engine ending its third day of full-time use)

Cameron is busy below making dinner with lots of familiar mixing sounds making their way up into the cockpit building our expectation as to what he has in store for us. No matter what it is he’s bound to score a … “Darl what do ya call this?” As the plates are handed around

There is the call to come and get the dinner table ready. Phil’s first to his feet and I won’t be far behind him

Sydney late tomorrow afternoon here we come!!!

Rob L

Ps. To quote Oscar Wilde “there is only one thing worse than the sound of an engine and that is not the sound of an engine”

Dinner follow-up from MGR

… that’s My Galley Rules … Cameron scores a solid 9.5 from the judges for his “omelette à la Edith”  (that’s Edith West of MSM food and menu planning and purchasing fame, and mother of Cathy wife of Bruce)

Phil is the first one to head to his bunk after dinner.  His watch starts in about five hours at 12 midnight

Phil’s cabin is the main cabin on the starbord side generally known as the honeymoon suite but for the voyage to Vanuatu it has been converted into a storage room for the dental supplies to be used in the national oral health survey. Consequently there is just enough room for one person to squeeze in and for the door to open and shut.


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