Eye clinic comes to Port Resolution

Thursday 21 May, 6.43pm (anchored at Port Resolution)

Andrew and I met the eye care and medical volunteers ashore this morning around 9:00am and did what we could to help setup.

The medical team found a place to stay last night at Sunrise Lodge, (or was that Sunset Bungalows, said someone in the saloon) and apparently it was wonderful. (We’ve just looked up Lonely Planet and it was “Sunrise Bungalows”)

Setting up the medical clinic for the day involved:

1/. Liaising with the local (Ni-van) medical contact (nurse practitioner) to decide whether the clinic would be held in a classroom, or in the local clinic – (the classroom won; it was bigger).

2/. Organising chairs, tables and optical equipment in their usual ordered fashion to cater for the process of, a) initial patient interview, b) medical checkup, c) eye assessment and prescription and d) handing out the correct glasses.

3/. Waiting for the punters to arrive and hoping that the word had got out that indeed there was going to be an eye clinic today.

As it turned out, we didn’t have long to wait. There was a steady stream of customers till about 1:00pm, when we stopped for lunch – and lunch was nothing short of a feast prepared by the local woman of the village.

After a brief walk through the village and out to the surf beach for a break, we returned to deal with the remainder of the patients, finishing up around 4:00pm.

On board it was a morning of baking bread, while the generator was running. (We turn the gennie on for a few hours each day to charge the batteries.)

Also on the list of things to do was continue the water carrying, with the tap at the primary School getting some punishment.

The weather is taking a bit of a down turn at the moment, with rain showers coming through and predications of an unfavourable shift in the wind direction over fhe next couple of days. At the moment we are staying put, with access to the clinics over the next two days in the nearby villages being done via truck, rather than boat drop-off.

At this stage, the plan is to use the boat, as planned, on Sunday to transport everyone the 10 hours north to the island of Erromango. And from there later in the week, the 18 hours or so further on to Efate (Pt Vila).

Weather permitting, we may do the volcano tomorrow night!! But we’ll see.

We are now the only yacht in the anchorage after the last of the other four boats moved on late today. One of the yachts was a French catamaran with a husband and wife aboard who have been sailing the world for 7 years – they also had two children, a 7 and 5 year old. The 5 year old was born in South America (Brazil) and after 21 hours the mum and baby were back aboard and sailing away.

I’m being called for dinner … speaking of dinner, in another first for Bob … he was actually involved in the making of a cake – a carrot cake to be precise … which included re-calculating and reading out the ingredients, mixing all the different goodies in the bowl and pouring it into a pan. Amazing!! I’m sure he felt better for the experience.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and let’s hope the weather holds.


3 thoughts on “Eye clinic comes to Port Resolution”

  1. Seven Years!? Don’t get any ideas Rob!

    And back at sea with the 21 hour old baby? What did they do for mothers group?


  2. Hi Gray,

    great to hear from you. Love to all you hard workers back in the office. I think the lack of a mother’s group would be the least of that lady’s worries.

    All the best


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