Even Less Sleeps

Sunday 11 April 2010 Bayview, Pittwater NSW

There are now NO boxes, equipment, stores, food, bags or tools on the wharf – they are all either safety aboard Chimere, thrown away or returned with Andrew to his home on the Central Coast.  As a result Chimere is now about 4-6 inches lower in the water.

At the moment Bill, Andy and I are cooking up a meal (well, actually Bill is doing it) as we contemplate the next task, which will be sailing down to Sydney Harbour tomorrow in readiness for a departure to Vanuatu on Wednesday.

The skipper for the voyage and the first mission throughout May, Bob Brenac, will come aboard tomorrow morning.  The two remaining crew for the voyage over to Vanuatu, Nick Kary and Martin Purcell will come aboard over the next two days.

After helping with the preparations, I’ll be driving back to Melbourne in the next few days and then flying over to Vanuatu on May 2 to join the May mission.  Crew member, Bill Vrijens will take charge of the Ships Log, so I’m sure you’ll be well informed and entertained.

Dinner’s just about ready, better go.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and almost ready to go.

Rob L

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