Dream sailing

Wednesday 21 June 2017
35nm SE of Pango Point
Lat -17.97 Lon 168.53


Pango Point? Sounds like it could be anywhere between Honolulu and Noumea doesn’t it? … but it’s actually a short drive from Port Vila at the entrance to the harbour. It’s now about 5:30pm and the sky is developing a darker shade of grey as day turns to night; quickly

The nav lights are on and we are doing 6kts over a gentle sea with the engine ticking over at just 1200rpm

Just an update, it’s now 7:30pm and we’ve just turned off the motor. The wind has picked up a little and we are now finding we can maintain a speed of around 6kts under sails alone.

The boat is maintaining a lazy, steady motion with Peter on watch till 9:00pm, after which it’ll be Gerry for three hours, then Martin, followed by Daniel at 3:00am. Then it’s Peter back again at 6:00am. Being the captain apparently has its privileges – with so many capable sailors aboard, there was no room for me in the 3hrs on, 9hrs off schedule. The theory being that if anyone has any questions, or assistance is required through the night, I’ll be the “go to” person.

As for the medical folk on board, Morinda found a bunk early on and we probably won’t see her till morning. After some early lounging on deck Bob & Dick have been allocated bunks in the saloon and are all-but snoring. Deb has just announced she’s retiring to a bunk, leaving Annette (wife of Gerry, and a very capable sailor as well as being a nurse) chatting in the cockpit offering to assist anyone on watch through the night.

Gerry and Annette have just chopped up and cooked up a very yummy vegie soup/stew, which may well last a few days, judging by the size of the pot used.

It’s really good to finally be underway and by morning we will be working down the east coast of Erromango Island en-route to Port Resolution (Tanna)

The procession for the President was a very moving experience with the road lined with people from Parliament House several kilometers to the airport. Hopefully the photos convey something of the emotional experience.

It’s all pretty quiet aboard and I’m typing this on the ship’s computer, which is linked to the Iridium sat phone. It’s my first experience using this technology, so what could go wrong ! [nothing wrong from my end – webmaster]

Smooth seas, fair breeze and dream sailing !!

Rob Latimer

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