Dinghys across the straight

Friday 28th July 2017
Lamen Bay, Epi Island

Once again the team awoke to the brrrm then purrr of the generator at 6am. A little after seven Todd headed off  in the small dinghy to collect the four who had spent the night ashore. They came back to Chimere to rendezvous with the rest of the team who were in the large dinghy ready to go. The task ahead being to travel across the passage to Lamen Island together. 
“Go quietly across together I said…… ”  and in the most part instructions were followed with Vic’s Donald Campbell demonstrations being explained as giving the motor a good “clean out”  

They had another good day surveying and serving the needs of those on the island, in between Independence Day celebrations. Dr Barry noted the walk from the dinghy to the clinic was a highlight, walking through the beautiful tropical forest with the sea through the trees on one side and small cleared areas with huts seen through the trees on the other side, a botanical garden walk. The music, soccer and carnival atmosphere was very much enjoyed by the team after tending all the needs of the locals. The islanders seemed much more laid back than those on Epi, the main island and again they were so appreciative of what our team are doing.

Both dinghys arrived back safely to Chimere followed soon after by a banana boat full to the brim with our equipment and five of our team. Surprisingly the team had been able to buy a bottle of wine on the small island, a 2016 Shiraz Cabernet going by the name of Outback Jack from Yenda, NSW, amazing what you find.

Five of the team sleeping ashore tonight, Nicola has joined the others, with eight on the boat. Mark cooked up a very nice chicken sate with rice. We all tried a bit of sugar cane that had been given to us for dessert, probably wont be added to our regular menu it wasn’t as nice as expected. There’s cards happening for some and reading for others tonight, quite windy outside but very pleasant.

The last couple of nights we have been able to see the glow of a volcano over the island, tomorrow we move to the the island of Paama where we should have a very good view of at least two active volcanoes. 

Still no internet, no photos.

Fair winds, smooth seas and go quietly across together I said.

Phil Wicks

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