Greetings from Medical Sailing Ministries and welcome to the December 2019 edition of “Member Update”

Dowload MSM 2019 December Member Update

It’s been an action-packed 12 months for Medical Sailing Ministries Inc, since the launch of the National Oral Health Survey & Vanuatu Oral Health Policy 2019-2023, around this time last year.

A Focus on Oral Health

Whilst it would be nice to take Chimere back to Vanuatu again – transporting health teams around the remote islands – for the last two years we have felt drawn to expand the oral health work; which hasn’t required a boat. 

This has involved working with the newly formed Integrated Oral Health, Eyecare and ENT Unit, within Vanuatu’s Ministry of Health, to introduce the supervised tooth brushing program – Gudfala Tut Skul – into more schools and kindergartens.   A total of six schools this year, and plans for 30-40 next year !  All of which is requiring us to ramp-up our Gudfala Tut Paste manufacturing capability (in Port Vila).

It’s NOT a cost, it’s a SAVING

Reflecting on what we all intuitively know, there is no doubt, the simple act of brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, not only has positive benefits for oral health in the short term, but also for a person’s long term overall health and well-being.  

So, whilst a national brushing program in schools might seem like a “cost” … over the medium to longer term it’s a massive national saving, as healthier teeth, mean healthier bodies, which in turn means less additional downstream ailments – all of which have a cost, both personally and nationally; measured financially, but of course in pain and suffering too!

Dowload MSM 2020 December Member Update

Tank Yu Tumas

We really have packed a lot of news into the latest newsletter, so I won’t start repeating it all here.  Only that we regularly get thanked when we are in Vanuatu, and the fact is, without the assistance of all the MSM friends and supporters  we couldn’t do what we do!  For the donations, for the prayers and encouragement, for the volunteer assistance and for the resources, time and experience of individuals and businesses, all freely-given. 

So, as they say in Vanuatu …  Tank Yu Tumas !!

In closing, may you and your family enjoy a safe and blessed Christmas.  With time taken, if you can, to really experience some JOY; despite the busy-ness and the many challenges this time of year often presents.
We look forward to a productive and useful 2020, and again thank you for your interest and support !

Lukim Yu & Cheers
Rob Latimer, Mike Clarke & the MSM Team

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