Port Vila to Sydney (Coffs!)

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Current position 28 57S 154 53E. Distance covered in the last 24 hours – 146NM


Last night was very pleasant with calm seas, a clear star filled sky and a light northerly wind. Perkins pushed us along with a little bit of help from the mainsail and Arthur steered beautifully. Sadly the night watches wearing a T shirt and shorts are way behind us.


We are now 120NM north east of Coffs Harbour and if we continue at our current pace should be there by 7 AM Thursday. Rob has arranged Customs and we are hoping for a quick turn-around to continue to Sydney.

This morning the wind grew strong enough to put Perkins to bed and pole out the jib. Chimere is running wing and wing comfortably at 6 knots with and all aboard are eagerly awaiting lunch. Sally has filled the cabin with the smell of fresh buns cooking in the oven to go with the hamburger patties cooking on the stove. Yummy!


After lunch the wind started to increase soon we were belting along at 7 and even 8 knots at times. Alas the wind swung around to the north west and soon we were fighting to point toward Coffs Harbour and not long after sunset had to heave to and ride out a 40+ knot gale.

Another uncomfortable night but eventually the gale moderated and with a lot of help from Perkins we made it into beautiful Coffs Harbour at 11AM Thursday.

The wind is still howling from the north and plans are being revised.

Catch you next time.