Port Vila to Sydney
Tuesday 15 October 2013
Current position 27 27S 156 38E. Distance covered in the last 24 hours – 90NM
When I left you yesterday afternoon a squall line came through and dumped heavy rain and left us with a 35 knot south westerly wind directly onto our nose.

A little while later we had two reefs in the main, the jib furled, Perkins at work again and were bashing into a nasty head sea plodding along at 3 knots and only able to head as far south as Brisbane. A long and lousy night followed but thankfully the wind and seas eased and by sunrise full sail was set and we could head further south.
Right now it is a beautiful day, the wind is still on the nose and we are heading for Coffs Harbour. The plan is to clear Customs at Coffs on Thursday at about midday and depart immediately for Sydney.


We are all feeling weary after the bashing we took last night. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat performance.

Bob has just woken up from a nap and is studying the parts diagram for Arthur and declared he has an idea. Sure enough a little while later the call comes from underneath the cockpit to switch on the auto helm and wonder of wonders Arthur is back at work steering the boat. Bob says he found a loose wire and reattached it and Arthur is back to his good natured self.
For this marvelous achievement we have awarded Bob the title of Grand Master Of Sea Going Fixing and appointed him as the Living Legend of the Coral Sea!

Off to bed now to rest up for the night watch, catch you tomorrow.