Daggy Weather !!

Tuesday 24th August   14:00 hrs 30 23’S   156 09’E

Sorry no blog – after glassy sea & not a breath of wind Sunday night/Monday morning, gradually filled from N, NE then built to rip-roaring NWesterly for Monday night, but since early today, clocked even further round to SW at 20 to 25 knots, with gusts to 35.

Now punching into a dreadful sea state, slowly in the wrong direction (South). Even though it’s only been really bad for about 8 hours, it feels like a week!

Everyone a bit down, hence no blog. We will probably tack later this afternoon so as to get a bit of Westing in, and hopefully see the wind begin to clock further round to South, or better still SE. Fingers crossed!

Expect to arrive in Sydney on Friday … weather permitting!!


One thought on “Daggy Weather !!”

  1. Ahoy there to all aboard!
    Have just logged onto Tuesdays blog! hoping weather and sea conditions are on the up and up! Hang on and keep your spirirts up! Look forward to hearing of your safe arrival tomorrow!
    From previous crew member and “landlubber” Lanie

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