Tuesday 24th August   14:00 hrs 30 23’S   156 09’E

Sorry no blog – after glassy sea & not a breath of wind Sunday night/Monday morning, gradually filled from N, NE then built to rip-roaring NWesterly for Monday night, but since early today, clocked even further round to SW at 20 to 25 knots, with gusts to 35.

Now punching into a dreadful sea state, slowly in the wrong direction (South). Even though it’s only been really bad for about 8 hours, it feels like a week!

Everyone a bit down, hence no blog. We will probably tack later this afternoon so as to get a bit of Westing in, and hopefully see the wind begin to clock further round to South, or better still SE. Fingers crossed!

Expect to arrive in Sydney on Friday … weather permitting!!