Crew change over

Thursday 3 June 2010 Pt Vila, Vanuatu

It is nearly the end of the day. There is now quiet activity around the boat. Just as I wrote that Martin started using the bollard as an anvil and is banging away making a din. It is all  part of the process of making cable ends for the new charger Noah is installing to over come our battery problems.

A little while ago we were at the airport to farewell the Tour 1 crew, Bob, Rob and Scott. Bill who was also part of the Tour 1 is staying on to have a holiday with his wife who flew in on the same plane the crew flew out on. Also on the incoming flight were the crew for Tour 2, Carl, Paul, Grant  and Christine (Chris).  Andrew and Martin arrived the night before . Not the original travel arrangements but the result of rescheduling after yesterday’s flight cancellation.

Paul is currently navigating around the tools and materials in storage and helping with the new battery terminals.  Chris and Grant have gone to the market get a few things for dinner. Fish is on the menu.

Rob mentioned that Lorraine arrived today, which was a great surprise. She stayed with us for the day and, after seeing off crew 1 at the airport and piling crew 2 and luggage into the mini bus, we took Lorraine back to the cruise ship. The sight of the cruise ship rising above the vegetation as we approached looked surreal.

Friday 4 June 2010
Today is engine mounts day. So far everyone has slept in so it is very quiet. Chris and I rearranged things in the main cabin so that we could start the airconditioning and get the cabin cool for the sweaty job of climbing in the bilge and contorting around for a day to change the engine mounts. Carl is in charge of operations today ably assisted Martin and Paul.

Fair winds, smooth seas and happy engine mount day

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