Change of view

Saturday 15 July 2017
Anchored in Port Vila inner harbour

After last nights antics with Harold and his sinking dinghy it was a lazy start to the day aboard Chimere

A wander uptown to change some currency revealed a larger than usual quota of white-folk like me walking around, which could only mean one thing… it was cruise ship day; a time of frenetic bus and water taxi activity not to mention the local helicopter.

Speaking of changing currency, I want to the store “Goodies” noting on the digital screen a rate of 81.95 Vatu for each Aussie dollar. Reading the receipt I noted a rate of 81.35 … prompting my question to the lady behind the counter and glass screen, “me no save, why sign say 81.95 and paper say 81.35?”

“Oh sign e-wrong” came the response.

“But people like me read the sign in order to decide whether to do business with you or not … but the sign is wrong?” I persisted

“Yes, sorry tumas”

There was no point pushing it further but I did suggest she turn off the sign until it was fixed

Nicola Young , who will be joining the medical team in a weeks time, came aboard around 10am to help us move Chimere to our current location just a few hundred metres away

We also nicked up the bay to assist Harold lift his outboard and dinghy onto the deck of his yacht and I can confirm that the cats names are Penelope and Stripes

Mark showed of his galley skills cooking dinner along with baking bread and biscuits/ slice and we look forward to the arrival of the skipper for the next mission, Phil Wicks – more tomorrow.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and a change of view

Rob Latimer

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