MSM Inc. – 2023 Annual General Meeting, Sunday 28 January 2024

January 28, 2023
Greetings from Medical Sailing Ministries
Whilst our first sailing mission wasn’t until 2009, it really all started on the evening of Wednesday 8 October 2008, with a public meeting in
the Melbourne home of Mike and Robyn Clarke. Now, after 15 years, we say a massive thank you to the 100+ volunteers who have
contributed to the work of MSM in Vanuatu; in so many ways.
It’s been an exciting ride, with the latest Annual Report (2023) outlining the main activities of the past year-or-so, our focus for the coming
year, plus some reflections from those who were there at the start.
Thank you again
Rob Latimer
Secretary, MSM Inc

PS: See also the June 2023 MSM Members Update and December 2023 MSM Christmas Greetings

MSM Inc – Notice of 2022 Annual General Meeting, Sunday 29 January 2023, 1:00PM

The Annual General Meeting of Medical Sailing Ministries Incorporated is being held next Sunday, 29 January 2023, at 1:00pm 
We’ve attached a copy of the 2022 Annual Report, for your information; which includes a financial summary on pages 26 & 27.
The meeting will be held through Zoom, and so if you are able to attend, please let us know so that we can send you the relevant LOG IN details.
The last 12-18 months have been an exciting time for MSM, and we hope you feel encouraged after looking through the attached Annual Report.  Again, thank you for your interest, encouragement and support. 
If you are able to join us, we’d love to see you.
Rob Latimer

Secretary, MSM Inc.

MSM Annual General Meeting – This Sunday 5 December, 1:00pm

Greetings from MSM,

It’s that time of year again, and if you have a few minutes to spare, we’d really appreciate your company at the MSM Annual General Meeting this Sunday 5 December at 1:00pm

Contact me on [email protected] for the Agenda and Financial Statements and the Log-In link and Password for the online meeting.

The Annual Report is in the last stages of completion and will be sent out soon

Thank you again for your interest and support of MSM as we reflect on the year that’s past and look forward with anticipation to the year ahead


Rob Latimer

Secretary MSM

MSM Member Update – December 2020

Welcome to the latest edition of the MSM Member Update

As for most people, 2020 has been a year of challenge and disruption … along with many other things!  But we are happy to report that the oral health initiatives we are working on, in partnership with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health, are gathering pace; for the benefit of ALL Ni-Vanuatu.

MSM Annual Report 2020

In addition to the newsletter, we encourage you to have a look at the MSM Annual Report 2020, which has just been completed.

The Annual Report is packed full of information and has been compiled under the following headings:


Messages from the Coordinators

Highlights from the past year

Recognising volunteers

Recognising supporters

Messages from our Partners

Where’s the boat?


Projects currently underway

Plans and dreams the future


Financial Summary

Christmas Greetings & Gift Idea

We thank everyone for their support, prayers and encouragement and take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe and joyful Christmas.

And … if you are looking for a unique gift-idea that just keeps giving, year-after-year, why not consider one, or more, Gudfala Tut Pikinini Pak for just $15 each.  More information can be found in the latest MSM newsletter. 

Gudfala Tut Gift Certificate

Merry Christmas and Tank Yu Tumas

Rob Latimer & Mike Clarke

Coordinators MSM Inc.

PS  As you plan your giving for 2021, you might also consider making a tax deductible donation to MSM Inc.   We can assure you that virtually every dollar you give translates into practical assistance on the ground in Vanuatu, focused on building a positive and sustainable, “generational-shift” in oral health habits and outcomes, to combat the increasing burden of tooth decay and gum disease, thereby improving health for life.  


“TANNA” the movie invitation from MSM Vanuatu – 7:00pm, Fri 1 Sep 2017

Greetings from Medical Sailing Ministries 



As Mission 3 gets underway to the islands of Pentecost & Maewo, for those in Melbourne (or able to get to Melbourne) – plus their friends and family of course – we extend an invitation to a very special Vanuatu Night on Friday 1st September.

After receiving personal permission from the director and producer Bentley Dean, we are really pleased to be able screen the film TANNA and invite you along!

Details can be found in [ddownload id=”6047″ style=”link” text=”attached flyer“]   and below:

VANUATU NIGHT – TANNA the movie & much more

A night of entertainment, fun & inspiration

Friday 1st September, 2017 7.00 p.m.

North Ringwood Uniting Church, 14 Dickson Crescent, North Ringwood

Evening highlights…

– Acclaimed movie Tanna

– Latest news from MSM Mission 2017

– Uplifting stories from “The Clinic Files”

– Last minute “Supporters Tour” invitation

If possible … RSVP to Rob at [email protected]  … if last minute, then just come along anyway. The more the merrier.

Donation at the door.   


View the trailer (and extra bits) here …


Producers Background to the making of the film Tanna

Tanna Movie – What do the tribe members think?

Long God yumi stanap

Sunday 9 July 2017 [See also post for Saturday]
Port Vila Sea Wall, Efate

In God we Stand … it’s on the Vanuatu coat of arms, the currency – everything official and Government related.  The constitution refers to the country and the laws it passes, as being grounded in the Christian faith and today this was seriously reaffirmed when the newly elected President of the Republic of Vanuatu participated in a service of Dedication and Commissioning at the Paton Memorial Church.


It was a big afternoon, with the man himself, Paster Obed Moses having been a Presbyterian minister (of 30+ years standing) up until just a couple of weeks ago – talk about one serious promotion!  In fact Paster Moses was living in a church house next to the central office up until his official inauguration the other day at parliament house, when a big black car came and took him off to his new residence.

Paster Moses, now His Excellency President Moses, either ran or attended many of the church meetings I’ve attended over the years here in Port Vila and he was well aware of the work we have been doing through Medical Sailing Ministries in support of the people of Vanuatu

The service started at 2:00pm – (not all that long after the usual morning service had wound up) and to say it was well attended would be an understatement – I’ve never seen the place so packed, with rows of seats outside as well.  There were speeches, singing, prayers, but most importantly the address from President Moses, who reaffirmed the need for national unity, peace, honesty at all levels of society, the importance of remembering the vision and struggle of independence and a reminder that this is a Christian country, with laws and values based on the teachings of Jesus.

Given the political turmoil of the past couple of years (read: 14 members of parliament out of a house of 52 sent to jail for corruption) President Moses seems just what the country needs, the challenge to deliver, effectively starts tomorrow.
Around 3:30pm the service was winding up and as the President and his wife filed out, closely followed by the church leaders and other dignitaries, I leaned over to Barry Stewart and wondered out loud “I wonder if they do the hand-shake thing with so many people here, it’ll take hours”

Well guess what … they did the handshake thing!  And 30 minutes later we were still sitting in our seats waiting for our row to get its turn to stand and shuffle to the middle aisle for the final push to the exit and the personal handshake with His Excellency.  Barry Stewart was just in front of me and having been one of his patients, Paster Moses, sorry, His Excellency President Moses, warmly shook Barry’s hand and thanked him for coming.  My turn next and with a big smile and a strong handshake The President said, “hello Rob, when did you get back?” … “Ah … yesterday and congratulations, well done, we wish you every success!”

So there you go, quite definitely the ONLY president of any country in the entire world that knows my name !!     Quite apart from knowing we’d sailed off with a medical team around 2 weeks ago and were due back about now!   I felt really privileged.
(as fond as I am of taking photos, even I thought a selfie on the steps of the Paton Memorial Church – just me and the President – would appear a bit crass?!)

I got back to the boat around 4:30pm and after a day without an internet connection – apparently you need credit in your account, which I was able to remedy with Barry’s technical assistance – I sifted through a collection of emails before heading up to Deb’s place overlooking the bay for a group sunset and pizza night; something of a farewell too as many people are flying home over the next few days – Doug, Tami, Antonio, Martin, Gerry and Annette, with Daniel and David leaving today.

Having been such a dynamic and talented sailing and medical group – brought together through a pretty random, self-selection-volunteer-application-process – it’s somewhat sad and anticlimactic to have everyone drift away, back to their usual, normal lives.

If I was getting poetic I’d say it was a bit like a “sandcastle on the beach of life” … a thing built at one particular time, and for one particular purpose, only to be washed away by the incoming tide; leaving only a memory … plus of course a stack of photos, videos, blogs, Facebook posts and comments etc etc.  Although in this case hopefully a lot more – with a swag of very satisfied dental, medical and optical patients – plus the all-important Oral Health Survey data … 154 participants from 7 separate locations on 4 different islands!

While I was mixing it with the President up on the hill, Peter and (Dr) Doug made their way over to the Boat Yard to meet “the Germans”, check out the underwater damage to their boat, while also dropping into the yacht club there.  They spoke with the marine surveyor and in order to complete his insurance assessment, of the German’s damaged yacht, he indicated he’ll be coming over for a chat at some stage.

It’s a full moon tonight.  The air is still, it’s cool (by local standards) and very quiet.  It’s just Peter and me aboard at the moment with new crew, for the second mission due in the next few days.  Tomorrow it’ll be case of continuing the clean-up and starting the sorting and restocking for the next team – the show must go on !

Smooth seas, fair breeze and Long God yumi stanap

Rob Latimer

Graeme Duke – Doctor Gadget of the South Pacific

Please pray for Graeme and Sue Duke as they complete a week-long stay in Port Vila. 
Graeme’s purpose on this, probably his 9th “Tour of Duty” to this small developing nation, is to locate and install a swag of much needed medical equipment at the Port Vila Central Hospital. 
Equipment salvaged by Graeme, donated by Box Hill Hospital as part of their recent re-fit and transported by Rotary in Geelong earlier this year.
Read about it in the Vanuatu Daily Post
Graeme’s daily blog makes for very interesting reading.  
Just click the link …

MSM Member Update – April 2017

Greetings from Medical Sailing Ministries

We trust you find the  [ddownload id=”4412″ style=”link” text=”April 2017 MSM Member Update”]   of interest and welcome any comments or feedback you might have.

Just 30 days to cast off !


Blessings to you


Robert Latimer & Mike Clarke

MSM Co-ordinators, 

29 Wonga Rd, Ringwood North, VIC, 3134

Vanuatu MSM Volunteer Update – latest news 22/3/2017

Greetings MSM Volunteers – both Medical & Sailing,
A big thank you to those who have already confirmed their participation in this year’s mission.  
The latest Volunteer news is available to download.
The various stages of the mission are starting to fill up and I’ve included a summary of how we stand with each, (in the Volunteer Update) in case you were wondering which team to join.  
In most case we should still be able to get you aboard for your chosen mission.
The Volunteer Application form can also be downloaded, but if you’d like a Word version, just sing out …
I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, it would be a great assistance to our planning if you could send through the written confirmation of your participation asap; even if further information needs to be sent through at a later date.