Mon, 19 April, 3.45pm 28 degrees 46 minutes south 157 degrees 55 minutes east.

Feels like that at the moment. Today has seen Chimere proceed without the use of the engine. Overnight and today we have seemed to average over 5 knots, but having difficulty maintaining an ideal course. Still waiting for that wind change. This means that we have been heading as hard into the wind as we are able, for 5 days now. Not the most comfortable of sailing conditions.

As we continue on, the Lonely Planet guide to Vanuatu has been constantly referenced. Nick is planning his one week holiday there, the rest of us learning more about the place.

Other than that, there is much time for mid day naps, reading books, and generally just looking at the ocean, and waiting for that wind change.

So for now, we’ll just keep sailing.

Bill Vrijens

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