Friday 16 August 2013


15 31.36S 167 09.92


Our first night at anchor at Luganvile was still and peaceful. The yacht hardly moved all night and our team, weary of the rolly poly conditions of the last few days had a completely restful sleep. In the morning a few of us were standing around the stern. There was a sleeply silence in the air. At 7:15am I thought I should go ashore and make contact with the resort office so we could have showers. Very casually I said “is anyone coming ashore with me while I go to the office?” Immediately, Gary, Dave and Denis jumped up, ran to the dinghy on the davits and started lowering away “….yes I’ll come” they replied in unison.  The 3 of us had a shower in turn and a big break breakfast. Gary finished the relay first so took the dinghy back to the boat for the next shift.

Once the morning got started everyone eventually went off on their own exploration of Luganvile.

Meanwhile I went back to the boat and tackled administration work on the computer. I sent more photos to the web master and in the process used up a month’s internet credit. That explains why there was no log yesterday. Today (Friday) I am resorting the HF radio system to sent this log bulletin off. Hopefully I will be able to get more credit this afternoon.


Gary, Dave and Denis were back by midday and were happy to chill on the boat. The others did a walk around of the town, visited the eye clinic at the hospital and then took a taxi to Champagne Beach. Helena didn’t go to the beach and elected to come back to the boat and write up her medical reports.

Everyone was back together by 6pm and we had a dinner ashore together.

Last night there was a heavy down pour of rain around midnight so there was a hurried shutting of hatches. It didn’t last long by which time we were all fast asleep again.

This morning was D day for 6 of our team and it was pretty chaotic from the start. Bags were being packed and lots of rummaging around for belongings. Those of us not flying out today thought it was best to get out of the way so together with Garry, who is always ready ahead of time, went ashore for our big breakfast. Garry managed to fit in a swim and a shower while our breakfast order was being prepared.

Eventually there was a call on the radio to say the team was ready to come ashore and Denis headed off to ferry them ashore.

During breakfast I organized a taxi bus and when it came we loaded it up to the gills with bags and then squeezed people in; a 9 of us. I opened the front door and Martin immediately hopped in, presuming I had opened it for him. I said to the taxi driver “He’s a bigger fella” as an explanation as to why Martin should go in the front. He laughed and said “yes, he bigfela…..” then added after a millisecond of further thought “….tumus”. To which everyone laughed happily at Martin’s expense. Martin (aka Capt Courageous) is indeed a bigfela! But we can’t agree with “tumus” (too much).

The trip out to the airport is fairly quick and we waited to see off the team. The flight was delayed and eventually we said our fond farewells. We are back on the boat sifting and sorting and generally getting ship shape after all the activity this morning.



Smooth seas, fair breeze and Bigfela Tumus



Andrew Latimer


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