Big day in Ipota in pictures

Tuesday 4 July

Ipota, Erromango

Smooth overnight run north from Futuna to Erromango and passing morning showers deliver surprise delights. The most vivid of rainbows such that I need a wider lens.

Anchoring in a river… now that’s a first for Chimere!!

And who else should be here at the same time but the Polynesian catamaran Oceanos on a regional promotion of the up-coming Pacific Games

Dental care worker Bob wakes with a smile. He sleeps so well we’ve suggested he count his dreadlocks each morning because it would be easy to cut one off while he sleeps as a souvenir to take back to Australia.

We have offered to run a movie in the village tonight and this gaggle of kids on the shore nearby took a shine to Daniel, the Pied piper of Chimere.

Pretty soon they were all aboard learning about the democratic process… put your hand up if you want Lion King, now put your hand up if you want Nemo … Ice Age … now only one vote, one pikinini
… after some of the kids joined me in singing Hakuna Matata I think the Lion King it is !!

Check out all the new photos in the Mission 1 Gallery and scroll down this page and zoom in to see where Chimere is now (and has been) on the Predict Wind map.

Liz Mallen (using images and text from Rob Latimer)

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