Back where it all began

Sunday 30 August 2009 (Bayview, Pittwater, NSW)

The night at the CYCA Marina was wonderfully still and we say a big thank you to them for again providing a complementary berth for the night.   There to meet us was Bob and Jim and their supportive wives, Bev and Liz, many of Bob’s family, my brother Andrew (who owns the other half of the boat), and his daughter Elizabeth.  As the lines were attached to the pontoon it was a great feeling to be able to relax.

The final task, however, was to relocate Chimere, out of Sydney Harbour and up the coast to Pittwater; usually a sail of about 6 hours.  After a sleep-in till about 7:00am, no night time watches and amid the sounds and smells of central Sydney, we got away from the marina around 11:30am.  A bit later than we’d expected, but with reports of a gale warning and winds of 30-40 knots from the south west (ie from behind) we anticipated a fast trip.

As it turned out, winds along the coast were already starting to abate by the time we’d cleared the Heads and under a beautiful sunny Sydney sky we were soon shaking out the reefs in the sails and racing along at around 7-8 knots over flat seas before a 20 knot breeze.

Andrew, who had driven down from the Central Coast (where he lives) the day before, drove ahead to take photographs of Chimere as she passed along the coast.  He also liaised with Gibson Marina at Bayview to ensure our old long term mooring was still available upon arrival.

In the end, the trip north took around 4 hours and that’s including 30 minutes doing circles in Rushcutters Bay as I went to the top of the mast to clear a main halyard pulley issue – great view from up there!

Photos of Chimere coming up the coast should be on this website soon – she cut a fine figure, fully clothed against a backdrop of blue sea and sky.

Upon arrival at Bayview it was a very quick process of finalising the cleanup, transporting gear off (quickly before the marina dinghy service packed up for the night) and making our way “home” to Andrew’s place on the Central Coast.

Along the way, Terrence was dropped off (he lives on Pittwater – Alvina Bay), Kate was dropped off (now, I didn’t mention Kate – but she’s Tony’s niece who lives in Sydney and along with her sister Sally, caught up with “Uncle Tony” at the CYCA for breakfast and at the very last minute, while aboard having a look at Tony’s home for the past two weeks, decided to stay aboard for the sail north – great to have you aboard Kate – promotion from passenger to crew is available anytime!!) and Kevin was dropped off, leaving just Andrew, Tony and me.  Andrew’s wife Nila had a lovely home-coming dinner waiting for us upon arrival, after which sleep – in a lovely bed with crisp sheets and no movement whatsoever, came very easily.

Tomorrow, Monday, it’s back down to Pittwater to do a final cleanup, removal of gear and check, before coming back up the Central Coast for the last night; at Andrew and Nila’s.  Tony and I are then booked on the 11:15am Virgin flight out of Sydney – Melbourne bound.

Again, a massive thanks for all concerned with the mission and I suspect there won’t be too many more “Ships Logs” after this – after all, you really need to have a ship for that.

Thank you again for your support and we all trust you have enjoyed following the adventures of the Medical Sailing “Mini-series” over the past 4 months.

Smooth sea, fair breeze and … are you sure this bed isn’t rocking?


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