Back to sea again

SatPhone call received 9:00am Wednesday 28 April

It’s amazing what a difference two days in Noumea can make.  Not that the crew of the good ship Chimere had much time for sightseeing, or taking in the local delights, but it seemed the ideal tonic for 11 days of beating into the wind (and sea) all the way from Sydney.

It was also a good chance to dry out the ship and solve a few niggling issues aboard.

From the quick Satphone call this morning I learned that they got away early this morning and will be leaving New Caledonia by the Havannah Pass (down the SE corner of the island)  and from there will head past the Loyalty Islands and then direct to Lenakal on Tanna.  It is here they will clear customs and do the formalities.

The plan was for them to then head south to Aneityium to meet the first medical team on Monday 3 May, but at last report the airstrip on that island is “not working” so they may stay at Tanna and transport everyone down the next day – Tuesday 4th May.  Got to stay flexible.

A report direct from the ship is due very soon.

Reported from Bill Vrijens to Rob Latimer

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