Back in Port Vila

Saturday 8 July 2017
Port Vila Sea Wall, Efate

Chimere maintained a speed of close to 7 knots through the night to arrive in Port Vila this morning around 9:30am.

The seas were smooth, the wind was from the stern quarter and except for the sailors on watch, most slept soundly.

Relying on my excellent crew and after writing an unusually long Ships Log, I ended up laying out my swag inside the large dinghy on the foredeck; a very comfy place as it turns out, although if there’s a next time I’ll make a point of removing the small anchor from under the mattress. I slept from 2:30am till around 8:30am, at which point I poked my head up and we were already on approach to the harbour, just amazing.

On arrival and after tying up stern to the sea wall it didn’t take long for folks to disperse, some to alternative accommodation and some to just go for a walk.

The two German sailors – of earlier Port Resolution rescue fame – came past with their two sailor friends, which was really nice. They explained that their boat is currently up on the dry at the boat yard and it might take about 3 weeks or more to get it back together and sailing again. In the meantime they are still living aboard and making the best of the situation. Peter and I will zip across there tomorrow in the small dinghy to say hello and also join in the weekly small-boat sailing activities at the nearby yacht club.

After a preliminary clean of the boat, it wasn’t hard to fall asleep this afternoon in my bunk. It’s strange how it all started to catch up with me immediately Chimere was safely tied up and people began organising their personal things in preparation for departure. Whilst I clocked up a few hours on the pillow this afternoon, that sleepy feeling still persists, but that might have something to do with the group dinner we had at the nearby Waterfront Bar & Grill.

Tomorrow a few of us will be up at the Paton Memorial Church for the 10:00am service … we hear that the new president Pastor Obed Moses will be there; a man I have met on many occasions due to our involvement with the Presbyterian Church.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and Back in Port Vila

Rob Latimer

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  1. Welcome back to Port Vila Rob and team. You’ve certainly had some adventures and it’s been great to read about your progress and in the updates. I’ll be returning on Thursday afternoon so I’ll see you Friday.

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