“A Row”, Westernport Marina, Hastings, VIC

Wednesday 8 November 2017

The last “Official” Ships Log from Refuge Cove titled “One more sleep and Chimere is home” did kind of leave things up in the air a bit.

Well, as Cam’s brief mission-by-numbers post confirms, YES we did make it back to Westernport Marina; our old berth once more.

Before officially tying up, however, there was a brief stop at the Marina Service Wharf to unload a trailer load of gear, including lifejackets, wet weather gear, clothing, bedding and all that stuff that accumulates tropical salt and stickiness and which needed a good hose-down on the Hills Hoist at home, or wash in the machine.

Here’s a photo of the return crew. The “After” shot of the gang of four, me, Edith, Bruce and Ray.

It took six days to get back from Sydney. Not quite your Sydney-Hobart jaunt, but if Chimere was a car, she’d be more in the Holden Kingswood class, or maybe even a Ford F100, whereas yachts that enter ocean races are more along the lines of a Formula One, or a V8 Supercar. That said, I’d rather be transporting medical teams around the islands of Vanuatu aboard Chimere than Brindabella or Wild Thing; so each to their own I suppose.
For a brief summary of the MSM Vanuatu Mission 2017mission you might like to click on the following link

As life gets back to ”normal” … my bed has stopped rocking, the lawns at home get cut and the daily commute to the office resumes … it’s time to thank all the many, many people who contributed to the success of this year’s mission.

We set ourselves some very ambitious goals this year, and as I’ve said before, there were a lot of “moving parts” to the program, any one of which could have derailed us if it had not gone to plan.

The analysis of the data for the National Oral Health Survey will continue for a further 6 months or so, with this set to become a lasting legacy from this year’s mission. A report, produced in conjunction with the Vanuatu Government’s Ministry of Health that will inform the establishment of a National Oral Health Plan. Hopefully this will go some small way towards arresting the unfolding national health-disaster caused through the adoption of an increasingly sugar-based western diet.

As we enter this time of Advent, with the busy-ness … not to mention the business of Christmas well upon us, may you find time to enjoy life’s simple blessings, and have a safe and joyful time.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and back at last

Rob Latimer