Away at last

Monday 17 August, (17 deg 51 min S   168 deg 13 min E)

Customs and immigration cleared, diesel tanks topped up, some last minute shopping done and it was away this afternoon at 3:30pm.  Our course is pretty much south, with our first objective being to round the southern tip of Mare island in the Loyalty Group, part of New Caledonia.

At the moment we are doing around 7 knots over 1-2 metre seas with the wind coming in from the south east at around 15-20 knots.  All sail is up and the sun is going down to our right.  It’s a lovely sight.

Sitting here typing away, the motion is starting to go to my head.  I hope I don’t regret eating those cracker biscuits and bananas (and a beer) about an hour ago.

I’ve just drawn up a schedule of watches with each of us taking a 2 hour watch throughout the night … “what’s this?!!  2-4am!!?”  someone cried.  Afraid so,  everyone gets a turn.  Nowhere to anchor for the night out here.

No more news at this stage.  Time to catch some sleep.

Smooth sea, fair breeze and may these conditions continue


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