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MSM Inc Annual Report 2020

Greetings from Medical Sailing Ministries Inc. and welcome to the 2020 Annual Report We are mindful that no “MSM Member Updates” have been circulated since this time last year … which on one level sounds a bit slack?! … but it’s not as if things haven’t been happening. In fact, despite the restrictions imposed by […]

December 2019 Member Update

December 2019 Member Update

Greetings from Medical Sailing Ministries and welcome to the December 2019 edition of “Member Update” It’s been an action-packed 12 months for Medical Sailing Ministries Inc, since the launch of the National Oral Health Survey & Vanuatu Oral Health Policy 2019-2023, around this time last year. A Focus on Oral Health Whilst it would be nice to […]

Latest News and plans

The latest is now available for download. It’s been a while since we reported on the activities of Medical Sailing Ministries. Not that there hasn’t been plenty to write about. But I guess there are times when you’re so busy “doing”, that all else gets relegated down the list; and that includes sitting down to […]

Something to Get Your Teeth Into

Something to Get Your Teeth Into

It’s been a big week in Paradise, as Richard Tatwin, Barry Stewart, Morinda Kalmar, Bob Natuman, Mike Clarke and Rob Latimer continue the oral health work of Medical Sailing Ministries – in partnership with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and PCV Health (Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu health program). Our energy is now focused on finding […]

“Blast From Your Past” … a unique MSM fu

“Blast From Your Past” … a unique MSM fundraiser event

Greetings,   Your Invitation + friends, family & neighbours – 6 October 2018 A fun night of music and variety entertainment called “Blast From Your Past” ( is planned for Saturday 6th October, as a fundraiser for the work of MSM in Vanuatu.     The format for the evening will be similar to the successful 60s and 70s nights […]