Assumption day

15 August 2017                                                                                                                                                                 

Port Vila

Today is a public holiday on Vanuatu – Assumption day – and the day began with devotions for the more devout members of the crew.

After such a busy and fruitful day yesterday, the public holiday began slowly. We continued to deal with connectivity issues with Ray and Jon heading up to the health centre to work through the problems that have been slowing down communications and then changing money to ensure the remainder of the mission continued smoothly.

Eddie, whose village had been wiped out during cyclone Pam, was welcomed aboard and before long he was busy cleaning and giving the upper deck a fresh coat of paint. Once the paint had dried, in preparing the boat for sea and in order to have the boat ready to sail at a moment’s notice, the awning was removed and all loose gear was stowed.

Major changes occurred in the crew organisation with our thanks go to the supporters who supplied the various recipes for ship borne meals. In working through the book Mark continued to demonstrate his skills after producing a tuna casserole for dinner last night and then by cooking delicious muffins for afternoon tea he surpassed himself at dinner by serving up sausages a la Chimere – a new gourmet recipe that is about to hit the Australian market. After tasting it and then taking a couple of ad breaks, the on board masterchef judges unanimously voted him as chef of the month for Mission 3. [tuna casserole image courtesy of Mission 2]

All retired for the evening after a delicious cup of hot chocolate and having been serenaded by a local rendition of Bob Marley favourites, courtesy of our hosts at the Yachting world marina and the waterside bar and grill.

Fair winds and following seas

Ray Rees

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