Arrival of the medical team

Sunday, 6 June 2010 11:15pm Port VIla
I won’t mention our slow beginnings to each day any more, suffice to say it is a regular way of life aboard now. It might have something to do with the late night philosophical society which has established on the dock in front of the yacht. Of course any meeting requires refreshments and an obligation not offend other participants by going to bed early. A side benefit is that most world problems have now been solved. You might like to mention that to your friends.
All that will change tomorrow. An early start is required as we intend to refuel, buy a few last minute items and be gone by 11am. We have people to meet on a beach on Tuesday afternoon.
Chris has been working up to providing a real English breakfast of bacon, eggs, baked beans and home made bread served with a nice cup of tea. Chris is feeling on firm ground here because out of the 6 crew, 4 are English and proud of it. Grant and I just play along so we get fed too.
We might be slow starters (‘we’ does not include Chris who is up by 6am) but Noah is not. A knock on the hull drew us to the yacht’s side to find Noah skin diving along side. He had just found one of the bolts that had been dropped over board yesterday. Noah to the rescue again. When he learnt two bolts had been dropped he dived under again and resurfaced with the second one. Paul and Grant were very relieved. Not to mention me, actually.
Inspired by Noah’s example (and his comments about our dirty propeller), Carl and Grant donned the skin diving gear and cleaned the prop. The methodology started with a pot scourer taken from the galley, followed by a wire brush and finished up with the egg flipper, also from the galley. The methodology had to change as the scourer dropped to the bottom of the harbor, quickly followed by the wire brush. With reputations in the balance and the potential of upsetting the cook at stake, Grant tied the egg flipper to his wrist before daring to take off with it. Carl and Grant both agreed the egg flipper worked the best. So far the score for items lost over board is; Paul -1; Carl -3; Grant -1 and Noah +2.
The rest of today was spent storing things away. But there is too much stuff and too little storage space. It has even developed into a completion to see who can find a place for their items before it is snapped up by someone else. Tonight we had the ignominious sight of boxes of beer being taken from prime food storage areas so the food could be stowed. Just when things seemed quite hopeless that we could stow everything, Richard arrived with what looked like the contents of a small timber mill. He had the timber for the mud brick molds in a trendy pre cut flat pack format. Just add screws. Or was it loose pack. All this timber was loaded on to the deck and tied into bundles. But where to stow it was deferred till tomorrow. A good dinner and a sleep might help.
This morning some among the crew thought it was important to stop fetching and carrying for a while and attend church. Paul will report on that in his contribution to the log.
The medical team arrived today. The largest medical team yet assembled for this program; Enough to form 3 teams. Two teams are going with the yacht and one will be land based. All the teams will be flying to their respective starting points on Monday leaving us to catch up on Tuesday after a 24 hours sail.
This evening we had a fine dinner for all hands at the Iririki Resort.
Fair winds and smooth seas and safe arrivals

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  1. We want to send birthday wishes to Grant and certainly wish we could help him celebrate. Have a safe trip.

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