Arrival in two Acts – Act 1

Pt Vila, Vanuatu Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Everything was in order.  The last minute parts and gear obtained.  Carl caught the 1:00am bus from Hervey Bay to Brisbane to connect with this morning’s Pt Vila flight.  Andrew and Christine were away from the Central Coast at 3:00am to make the Sydney to Brisbane flight in time to connect with the same Vila flight out of Brisbane

Grant and Paul were also preparing to make their way north from Sydney to Brisbane  with Martin coming from Melbourne.

Then the news … the flight was cancelled on account of a lightening strike.  At least that’s the story I heard.

So after much running around, negotiating and phone calls Andrew and Martin are coming into Vila tonight, on Air Vanuatu rather than Pacific Blue, and Carl, Chris, Grant and Paul will come on tomorrow’s Pacific Blue flight.

So much for the orderly changeover and explanation of all that has been going on, what to watch out for and what still needs to be done.  It’ll almost be a case of … “The keys under the mat, seeya”

It’s great that Andrew and Martin are making it in tonight.  (around 11:30am, actually in 30 minutes time)  We’ll be able to brief them at least a little and introduce them to those who’ve been helping us with preparations, particularly Noah from next door.

Today was spent running around tying up loose ends, much like we did yesterday and the day before.

But most things are now done and I’d better head to the airport to meet Andrew and Martin – Richard Tatwin will be dropping by in a minibus very soon.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and welcome the new crew.

Robert Latimer

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