Are We Actually Moving?

Monday 16th August 18:00hrs 21 38′ S 166 55′ E

The answer is yes and no.  Right now we have peace and quiet, 4 kts and stars to guide us but earlier Mr Perkins was required to give us the same speed.  Perhaps an adverse current was the culprit together with an hour spend at the fuel station due to a supect transfer pump.
Pancakes for breakie – another treasure from Chef Rhod had helped put us in the right frame of mind for another tough day at the office.  One of Martin’s beef creations provided a fitting end to the day.
Carl is currently making bread by numbers (Bob’s first delicious batch has been consumed) while Rim stands watch on a starlit night.
The run for the first day to noon on Sunday was 125nm in 21 hrs.  day 2 to noon Monday was 120 nm.  Total fuel seems to be only about 3L/hr so far.
We have passed the Loyaly Islands having passed between Atoll d’Ouveau and Ile Lifou and passed along the east coast of New Caledonia heading for Havannah Pass in the morning.

Tuesday 17th 11:45hrs 22 20′ S  166 35′ E

Tony’s short (very short) attempt at the blog must obviously have come to a halt, or with such smooth sea, maybe he nodded off on the job!
We are now approaching Noumea, about 10 nm ahead, after passing through Havannah Passage around 05:00 hrs this morning and thence through Woden Channel with company – 3 yachts and a small runabout, all under power with less than 4 to 5 knots of breeze. The plan is to overnight in Noumea, refill the main fuel tank with dutyfree diesel in the morning, then depart New Caledonia via Amedee when all is done. With the current lack of available wind “fuel”, we may well need the additional diesel. Time now for some soaking up the sunshine. Not really much more to add.

Smooth SAILING and SOME wind

Bob B

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