Approaching the bend … nearly time for “Land Ho!”

Friday 2 June 2017
200 miles SW of New Caledonia (Isle of Pines_)
Lat -24 56.786  Lon 165 24.830

Hi all 

We are now 200NM from our turning point south east of New Caledonia.

Life continues pretty much as it did yesterday. Bruce made some bread, washing was done, Perkins is resting, Rob AKA “Captain Happy Days” keeps laughing, and Chimere makes steady progress.

We are rolling along with full mainsail and the jib poled out doing an easy 6-7 knots. The wind is directly on our stern as is a  2 metre short period swell which is not the most comfortable. However things could be much much worse so no complaining. Predict Wind says we will get much the same weather tomorrow but lighter wind. However Predict Wind said that about today’s weather and were wrong. Bouyweather which Rob Latimer sends by text got it spot on.

No sightings to report today except for a few flying fish. We all wish we could see more of them, They are absolutely amazing to watch as they burst out of a wave a glide 100 metres away with great gracefulness. Another of God’s amazing creations!

At our current pace we could be in Port Vila by Monday night. We wont be holding our breath but the thought does spur us on! With only 520NM to go, Port Vila suddenly seems close. To put that distance into context it is much the same as Melbourne to Sydney which took us 4 days with light headwinds all the way.

We got the State of Origin score today so Bruce and Cam had to have to remind our Blues crew members the history of Maroon glory!

Until next tim.



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