Another day on the job

Friday 16 June 2017
Still at the Port Vila Seawall

After ten days in Port Vila, working on the boat and generally going around in small circles, anticipation is building for the long-awaited start of the First Medical Mission.

Having removed most of the dental and medical cargo from Chimere on arrival, tomorrow we take aboard all the supplies for the trip south.  Everything from rubber gloves and disinfectant to spectacles and questionnaire forms

Countdown to departure date on 21 June has definitely started!

Realising we didn’t need to transport a mass of donated gear south for 2 weeks, then back again, we’ve separated the stuff into four piles and have left three behind; to be picked up a the commencement of the next three missions – great idea Peter… he’s an “ideas man”

Eddie and Louie were back on the job today and I’m pleased to report we have the undercoat down and are pushing towards getting the topcoat on tomorrow before the predicted rain arrives Sunday

After a social evening at the boat yard and Port Vila Yacht Club, just a short dinghy ride to the other side of Iririki Island, we are all ready for sleep

Back on deck painting duty tomorrow!

Smooth seas, fair breeze and another day in the job

Rob Latimer

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