So much for sailing home. At this rate we’re going to drive there. The wind left us last night and in it’s place we were left with a sea that we’ve described as “slop”. A frustrating mixture of waves and swell from all directions. Consequently we’ve been doing the best we can with engine on at low revs to continue some forward motion – albeit at 4-5 knots. But one minute we’re picked up from behind by an advancing wave and the next we’re hit from the side by another of equal size. It creates a kind of corkscrew motion which sets you up for the next wave which invariably you hit head on, bringing the boat to a near standstill. So much for the happy northerly I saw on the weather chart.

Lovely sunset though.

And fishing excuse number 27, is that the dolphins we saw yesterday ate them all.

Apart from that, there’s very little else to report.

Water conservation has been big aboard, evidenced by the fact we have only just now switched from tank number 1 to tank number 2 (of 4 tanks). The tangy BO aroma is probably another indication of our water conservation drive, but none of us seem to really notice it. Maybe the first person to have a serious shower might though.

On the food front, our pile of bake beans and spaghetti cans is getting smaller. Thought today I’d mix it up a bit, ‘cos every time I say, “you want beans or spaghetti today?” the answer seems to be the same, “either, doesn’t matter”. So today, I put three cans of one and two cans of the other in the same pot. Quite innovative I thought. And the response from the crew was positive … “wow, look at this, a mixture? What do ya call this darl?” And the standard response, “Oh it’s just beans and spaghetti mixed in the one pot luv” … “Arr, but it’s the way ya do it darl”.

Beans and spag in the one pot saved on washing up too. Although, in this regard I draw the line at one saucepan and 5 spoons – we have our standards you know.

We put the “Australian Coast” disk in the chartplotter machine (aka Ray) yesterday. We’d been using the Pacific Islands disk for the past few months, so now we really feel we are homeward bound.

Smooth sea, fair breeze and “more wind please … but not too much”