Another day in the Bay

Wednesday 28 June 2017
Port Resolution, Tanna

Before I begin another … “day in the life of Chimere & MSM” … I’d like to thank everyone who has sent through encouraging comments and supported us in so many ways. The team really appreciates it !!

Where to start? Probably the first thing is “power” … 240 volt power to be precise … the stuff that makes the lights work when you flick the switch or makes the TV go [or recharges our drill batteries for getting coconut drinks]. Well at the moment we are having a few issues with generating sufficient 240 volts to run the water maker

The tank’s getting low, and everyone is going to notice it in a couple of days if the problem is not solved!

Through the miracle of modern communications we have been able to locate the required capacitors for the generator in Port-Vila and through Barry Stewart’s assistance and that of the other Barry who works in the PCV clinic, a small parcel containing the essential components, was put on the afternoon plane to Tanna.

The goods were picked up at the electrical warehouse in Port Vila this morning and around lunchtime driven were driven out to the airport. I have visions of Barry handing the parcel to the pilot and him poking it under his seat for the flight down but that’s just me I suppose.

I am assured that the parcel is now in Lenakel on the other side of the island awaiting pick up

Pick up can be done in one of several different ways. First, I could get myself on a truck traveling to Lenakel, pick up the item in person and then return. Or, I could find a driver who is going to be going there anyway and ask if he might pick it up from the post office and bring it back.

This second option seemed the most efficient, enabling me to remain on the boat doing work. And so tonight after dinner, Bob led me through the village with the aid of the torch to meet a man who might solve our problem.

It’s at this point I fell asleep out here in the cockpit. It’s late, dark and quiet but at the end of the day I’m sleepy and nature takes over.

Smooth seas, fair breeze… until tomorrow

Rob Latimer

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