12/4/2010 9:56 PM Australian Cruising Yacht Club, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

Well, we feel as if we’re off, but we are aware that Vanuatu is in fact another direction.

After some last minute repairs, just a bit more stowing, more securing and tying down, last minute shopping, and welcoming aboard Nick, we set sail in  pretty near ideal conditions. A beautiful day in Pittwater saw us heading north, turning right into the Pacific, and south down to Sydney. Chimere handled her extensive cargo with apparent ease. A very special way to see and greet Sydney harbour.

Sydney harbour was supurb, and skipper Bob delighted in introducing us to his stomping ground. Sailing close by a departing cruise ship always puts things in perspective, and a wave is as good as a hello from one white cruise ship to another.

The cruising yacht club is, well, not what this mere mortal is used to. Pulling up next to a Ferrari at the lights is always of interest to, well, some of us, but pulling up next to (well, a few births away) Wild Oats feels like it will take some beating.

The next stage involves clearing customs, and, you guest it, more shopping (when in Sydney), more stowing, and finally assembling the entire delivery crew prior to heading off some time on Wednesday.

May the customs man and the weather man smile on our endevours and grant us similar conditions to today.

Bill Vrijens.

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