And then we waved good-bye …

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA), 14 April 2010

This is technically NOT an entry in the Ships Log because as I type these words, I’m not actually aboard Chimere on the high seas (hopefully not too high) bound for Vanuatu, but I feel very close.  In fact it was a strange feeling this afternoon, standing on the dock with Andrew, my brother and joint owner beside me, waving good-bye to our treasured boat.

Work on Chimere, in one shape or other had progressed since September last year, (almost as soon as we’d reurned from last year’s inaugural mission)  coming to a frenzied peak in the past few days as we struggled to pack all of the required gear, stores and medical supplies aboard.

Then as the last of the crew arrived, the Customs officials came and went, final jobs were completed (oh, and Bob returned from having a hair cut – a number 3 if anyone’s interested) Andrew and I stepped off onto the pier, let go the lines and waved Chimere good-bye.

But of course that’s not the last  Andrew and I will see of Chimere on this year’s MSM Vanuatu mission.  I’ll be flying over to join the May tour as a crew member around the Southern islands, Andrew will fly over to be the skipper on the June tour and then I’ll go back again in July to be skipper for the July mission.

Our carry-over champion volunteer from last year, Bob Brenac is the skipper on the voyage over to Vanuatu and also Tour one in May.   In addition, a further 20+ volunteers have stepped forward and we look forward to again helping the Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness Project with transport and logistics around the remote islands.

Crew member, Bill Vrijens will keep us all updated with regular Ships Logs and there’ll be occasional “Latest news” reports posted on the website.

Last night we had a jolly gathering of volunteers, family and friend aboard Chimere at the CYCA which was just wonderful.  There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to enable people to volunteer for a month or so; whether it be at home, work or other areas of life and we really do appreciate everyone’s involvement, encouragement and support.

As we waved them good bye we wished them smooth seas, a  fair breeze and a safe passage.

Rob Latimer

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