An experience you just can’t buy

Saturday 5th August 2017
Port Vila, On a mooring off the Water Front

Chatting tonight about our last two weeks out in the islands with the medical team, the boat crew agreed that it has been an experience you just can’t buy.

We also came to the conclusion that the number one highlight for us was working with the local Vanuatu people. What the mission was doing was supporting the people of Vanuatu, it is their very professional program.

As boat crew, we also concluded that we are the truck drivers delivering the goods. As we have seen and experienced firsthand, the mission is all about building up and supporting local people and local health services – the PCV Health staff and their outreach program, plus Government health workers and of course those leaders in each village; pastors, chiefs and teachers.

We suspect for Rob the highlight probably has been getting his ship back in Port Vila in a similar condition to when he left.

Further, we would encourage anyone who has the opportunity, to get on board and join future missions. Find some way to do it ! Whether that be joining as medical crew, boat crew or perhaps financially. As Dr Nicholas from the UK said, there are very few opportunities around the world to partake in something like this and to really make a difference to others lives.

The places we visited, too, are very much off the beaten track where the people receive very little assistance from anyone. We found they were materially very poor, but in many ways they can teach us a lot about what it takes to be thankful, appreciative and resilient.

Fair winds, smooth seas and an experience you just can’t buy.

Phil Wicks,
Mark Stephenson,
Todd Macdougall,
Vic Aston

We’re off to bed now.

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